Lomza Jewish Cemetery Foundation, Inc.


In summer of 1998, Marek Kaminski,M.D., born and raised in Lomza and Judge Gerald C. Bender whose father was born and raised in Lomza, decided to restore the New Jewish Cemetery in Lomza. The New Cemetery was established in the 1890's, as the Old Cemetery was closed for burials.  On March 12, l999 the foundation was established with seed funds donated by G. Bender and M. Kaminski.  Mr. Alan E. Molotsky, an Illinois corporate attorney, provided the legal expertise and created a Not-for-Profit Corporation known as Lomza Jewish Cemetery Foundation, Inc.

The Internal Revenue Service has determined that the Lomza Jewish Cemetery Foundation Inc. is to be treated as a publicly supported organization  effective March 12, l999. This means that your contributions are tax deductible.

Goals and priorities

  • to build awareness of the historical nature and importance of the Lomza Jewish Cemetery;
  • to renovate and if needed reconstruct parts of the Cemetery;
  • to provide channels of communication and integrate plans and efforts of people and organizations working to benefit the Cemetery;
  • to sponsor projects and events that bring positive attention to the Cemetery.

The ultimate goal of the Foundation is
to cultivate respect for the deceased and their souls
and promote understanding of two Peoples
who shared the same land for over 600 years.

Board of Directors


The Foundation's  Officers

  • Marek Kaminski, M.D.         President (USA)
  • Fred Finkelstein                     Vice-President (USA)
  • Kazimierz Szczechura           Vice-President   (Lomza)
  • Dorota Kaminski                   Treasurer


Marek Kaminski lives in Fall Creek, Wisconsin and retains a Lomza residence, which makes obtaining all the renovation permits from local and national Historical Landmarks Preservation Office much easier. Fred Finkelstein practises law in Seattle.  Marek or/and Fred  visit Lomza at least once a year to arrange the work, which is then conducted under direct supervision of Kazimierz Szczechura   (Lomza Chapter).  Most of the work is done by the members of the families that presently live in the original Jewish Cemetery Funeral House.

  • The officers of the Foundation DO NOT receive any compensation
    for their work. Nor are they reimbursed for any travel expenses, including trips to Lomza.
  • All funds received by the Foundation, with the possible exception of such items as printing and postage, will be used for actual work on the Cemetery.

At this time contributions are being requested.


Or make your check payable to:

and mail it to:

Dr. Marek Kaminski,
Lomza Jewish Cemetery Foundation, Inc.
4451 Dewitz Road
Fall Creek  WI. 54742, USA

If you have any questions please contact:

Marek Kaminski (USA)

Kazimierz Szczechura (Lomza)



The purpose of the Foundation is to operate exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes within the meaning Section 501 ( c ) ( 3) of the Internal Revenue Code of  l986. Its basic purpose is set forth in its articles. The detailed purposes are on file with the State of Illinois.