The New Lomza Jewish Cemetery Renovation Project
2003  Lomza Meeting


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In August Marek Kaminski, MD, George Puchall, Lt. Colonel USAF (Retired) and Antoni Dudo, the three officers of the Foundation  that administer the project on daily basis met in Lomza.
They we joined by Zbigniew Ciszek*  (Lomza), Shoshana Donin and her friend  Lea Langleiben (Israel).

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Meeting with President of Lomza
We were received by
President of Lomza 
Mr. Jan Brzezinski.
Several issues were discussed including increased protection of both cemeteries by Lomza Municipal Guard and creation of the Memorial Hall of Lomza Jews
From left: S. Donin, J.Brzezinski, L. Langeleiben, M.Kaminski,
G. Puchall, A Dudo (Photo: Z. Ciszek)

* Mr. Zbigniew Ciszek initiated both meetings for which we wish to thank him.

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Meeting with Rabbi of Warsaw and Lodz.
We had also an honor and privilege to meet
Mr.Michael Schudrich,
Rabbi of Warsaw and Lodz
Mr. Schudrich visited with us the cemetery.
He was very impressed with our work and offered his support. He has also offered assistance in arranging translation of the inscriptions which, when completed, will enable us to publish the full listing of the existing headstones.  

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