Lomza Jewish Cemetery Foundation 
2002 Update

Shosha Donin (right)
The Plaque
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From spring 2000 and fall of 2001 about 300 headstones were restored. Unfortunately in 2002 due to lack of funds we were forced to abandon restoration efforts and limit our actions to prevention of the brush growth by spraying the sprouts regularly with herbicides.

On the positive side:

In July Shoshana Donin, president of The Next Generation of Lomza in Israel, visited the Cemetery and placed the commemorative plaque at the gate (the grammar of Polish inscription was NOT consulted with our Foundation).

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[The list of the New Cemetery headstones]

If you have any family connections to Lomza, we urge that you include
the Lomza Jewish Cemetery Foundation among the charities to which you contribute.
We do not want to belabor the point but, please, bear in mind that
the Foundation has no overhead nor fund raising costs to speak of.
Close to 99% of the funds we raise are used for actual work at the Cemetery.

We must stress, however, that we have very little money left   for additional work.
All contributions are tax deductible.
If you have any interest in the restoration,
please, make your check payable to:

and mail it to:

Dr. Marek Kaminski,
Lomza Jewish Cemetery Foundation, Inc.
4451 Dewitz Road,
Fall Creek WI. 54742, USA


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Marek at:

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