The New Łomża Jewish Cemetery
Information for visitors


If you plan on visiting Lomża, please let us know (contact). Kazimierz Szczechura (email) will gladly show you around and let you in the cemetery. The main gate ( above left) or the parking lot gate (abov eright).
If he is not available you can still access the site throught the parking lot gate, which is locked with a combination lock. Please contact us for the code, as we need to keep track of visitors.


Find Szosa Zambrowska on the city map (going South to Zamrbów) or Generała Władysława Sikorskiego (both marked yellow).
At the  turnaround - Rondo Witolda Lutosławskiego) turn left, so the old water tower is on your left.
Then take the first right into Wąska street. The third street on the right is Boczna (see the maps below).

Even if you do not have the key or the lock combination, you still can enter the cemetery from the parking lot side by following the parking lot fence down the hill  through the brush and then turning right.
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